Worst Inspection Report Award

December 17, 2005 · Print This Article

Bob Kille Acuspect Home Inspection Not long ago I was giving some advice to a new inspector after an ASHI meeting, seems he was having trouble like most new inspectors getting business and he was losing money. I gave him some of my best stuff (raise your prices) and at the end of the conversation he asked me if I would look over one of his reports and let him know what I thought.

Well, I just had to say yes as he had been telling me all about how much this report cost to put together ($26.00). Yes, that’s American green backs. A small fortune if your doing any kind of business, to give you an idea it would cost me $15,600 just for reports if I was to use what he’s put together.

Time just kinda slipped by and I didn’t get to his report in the fashion I had envisioned. Here’s what happened and I hope you pay attention to this poor guys mistakes.

I received a call from a realtor I hadn’t heard from in a while, she was a good for three or four inspections a month in the past and I was really happy to hear from her. Thought that I’d lost her. Happens.

She wanted me to come and inspect a property that had just been inspected by another inspector, who by the way killed the deal. She now had a new buyer and wanted to make sure that a repeat of her last experience was not forthcoming. She also wanted to discuss the last inspectors report as it seemed very out of the norm to her.

So I’m at the house and see the last inspection report on the counter (guess who’s) and I ask how it was that the home inspector in question got the job. Turns out that he joined the local chamber of commerce, sat in on a meeting, won a door prize of $50.00 in gas coupons from our realtor. In a stunning moment of clarity he promptly types up a $50.00 off your next home inspection coupon and mails it to our realtor with a note of thanks.

As you can imagine, she was very impressed and thought she’d pass the coupon on to her buyer. Basically, she was going to give our new home inspector a chance to get her business. And boy did he BLOW IT! Not even a pretty binder was going to help him now.

Fresh from school or perhaps an inspection conference, our new home inspector has come equipped to evaluate the homes electrical circuits with a new fangled device called a Sure Test Circuit Analyizer. Somehow all of the circuits in this 5 year old tract house were faulty and the house was a fire hazard waiting to go up in smoke at anytime.

At least that’s how the red inked comment that took up one full page made the house look to the buyer, and to me as well. A full page of red ink, might as well been his own blood for what it cost him.

No, it’s not over. This is just the start of this inspectors woes. Tune in to my next post and we’ll continue with our worst inspection of the year award.

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