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Well, after much more waiting and anticipation, we finally agreed on a price just yesterday. We had an estimate for the repairs that Bob itemized, and it came to over $8400! So with a portion of that, and the termite and A/C replacement, we asked for a repairs allowance of $12,500 – and had to counter and negotiate several times again! We finally agreed on a price of $$$k, YEA! I’m happy and pleased with that, and we are closing on Monday!

So thank you both for all your help. I hate to think if we hadn’t gotten an inspection, etc. But we did and have some work identified that I want to do ASAP. 
   Lori Carroll – Tucson

Bob, I’ve received your reports, they seem to be well thought out and very professional. It looks like I’ve made a good decision.     Jack Maxson – Green Valley

There is lots to write about Bob, Gayle and their company. However, one short phrase will do: “The Best!” Acu’Spect is the only company our office recommends as providing the best and most comprehensive home inspection. Charlie Kentnor – Realty Executives Southern Arizona


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