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May 3, 2005 · Print This Article

Bob Kille Acuspect Home Inspection You can never tell just how well you’ve handled a customer complaint until you get the better business bureau smack down. For instance, I received one in the mail today dealing with a home inspection customer compliant I had four weeks ago. Actually, when the call came in it was more of a “just wanted to let you know you missed a coupla things” kinda gripe. I took in all three of her comments and then preceded to let her know why these weren’t really mistakes at all, and a valid reason for the one item I did admit to missing. Now that’s a mistake. She felt as if I was making excuses rather than taking responsibility for the three issues raised. (A water heater that wasn’t left on, a dishwasher not checked due to the water supply not being on, and a missed warped header over a closet door) I made the remark to her that I was sorry she felt that way, which seemed to anger her more. It was a strange call, which became stranger as in her letter to the bureau she claims 20 plus items missed in the inspection report.

Usually when a client wants their money back they say so in the phone conversation. Or so I thought, now comes the better business bureau to champion her cause. The client wants an apology and her money back even though the report detailed numerous items to be resolved by the builder. The following is a snippet of my reply to her:

I understand that you feel as though you received a poor inspection of your property, and that my explanation of the three items you shared with me sounded more like excuses than proper procedure. To this, I do apologize.

I hope that the nine items of concern that were discovered through the inspection process and disclosed to you in our summary report were resolved by the builder to your satisfaction including the missed warped header. If you had other issues with my inspection that were not covered in the report please take a moment and read through the Arizona Standards of Professional Practice that is contained on the inside cover of your report. It would help me a great deal to know what issues, if any, you have that did not meet the standards of practice.

Better communication skills might have saved me from this, remember to listen and ask questions rather than defend your position. You could profit from my mistakes.

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