Sink Or Swim

April 19, 2005 · Print This Article

Bob Kille Acuspect Home Inspection Sink or swim is a question you ask yourself when you’re stuck in a wash and the water rises to about the door panel area. Spinning the wheels just sinks you down more and you feel conflicted as to weather your going to open the door and let in a small amount of the Santa Cruz river or get out through the window.

I choose the door not quite thinking it all through, a poor choice if I do say so myself. All the water made the car even heavier to push out. Good Samaritans are still around. I convinced a nice young lady to get wet and sit behind the wheel and give it a bit of gas as my new best friend and I pushed.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Always have an extra set of clothes tucked away, you never know when or why you’re going to need them. You’re going to thank me one day for reminding you to tuck them in just like I’m thank’n Gayle today.

By the way, I gave my business card to both of these kind souls and offered to do a free home inspection for them or anyone in there family. I really hope they call on me, it was a great feeling to be able to offer something in return for there gracious efforts.

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