Simultaneous Diversity

March 10, 2006 · Print This Article

Bob Kille Acuspect Home InspectionKnow what the worst number in business is? It’s the number One. One product, one service, one marketing strategy, one key client, one key market, you get the drift.

Relying on the “One” is a setup for disaster and why diversifying not only your business model but the way you think is worth considering.

Most self-employed inspectors think only in terms of “Present Income”, not in terms of locked-in future income or equity. Think retirement. You need to develop a business strategy that takes “both” into consideration through to implementation. An example of this would be thinking of your business as a job, to pay your bills, instead of as a way to retire with multiple income streams.

Consider this, most home inspectors try to achieve whatever success they seek sequentially. First, they get an education. Next, a job or start a business. Next, attempt to make a good income. Next, after about seven years they start to think about savings and retirement. And so on.

Entrepreneurs who get wealthy, and I’d like to someday count myself as one of them, live simultaneously, not sequentially. This is both a different mindset and the use of a different set of practical skills. Developing new ways to make your home inspection business grow and resources to do it requires “Thinking”, “Next step planning” and action.

The “Thinking” and “Next Step Planning” are two distinct aspects of a project and both must be given equal continual attention. Anytime you have to do something again and again, the systems approach is best. A to-do list just can’t handle the complexities of several open projects.

So, to this end I’ve been setting up a system for a “Daily” routine that involves planning and review of my projects. I’ll post some of my thoughts on what worked and didn’t as the year stretches on.

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