My Roots Are Showing

April 6, 2005 · Print This Article

Bob Kille Acuspect Home Inspection The big boys are movin into my neiborhood. LandAmerica just landed at the local MLS meeting and made alot of noise about being the best home inspection company, having the best inspectors, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Basically there trying to buy there way into the market with a loss leader strategy. Did someone say Cupins? Coupons fer the rest of us. There trying to get a foothold using price and convenience of having the termite inspection done at the same time. Don’t forget they also add money to the fee for older homes, just like I do. Speaking of which it looks like they’re 5 dollars higher than me at there regular fees.

There inspection guarantee is a nice touch for 90 days but it may leave a sour puss on the realtors client if something goes wrong after that. The one year home warranties are a much better way for a realtor to keep his/her referral base happy long term and it doesn’t cost them a dime more than the free 90 days warranty LandAmerica gives out.

I would think a realtor would be wise to consider the longer inspection times on the termite/home inspection combo. It takes a good 1/2 hour or more to do a through termite inspection, add that to the inspection time and I think the realtor will be at the inspection longer than they’d like. Not sure how this is a benefit to the realtor, takes longer and there’s no one to back up the termite inspection without a lot of paperwork and complaints.

LandAmerica also has a 3 million dollar E&O policy. Not sure how many 3 million dollar homes are in Green Valley (none) but it sounds good. Well on second thought, maybe there track record ain’t so good and they feel the need to over compensate.

LandAmerica is a huge company, I’m sure they can afford to cut prices for a year but it will still come down to who the Green Valley Realtors feel most comfortable with. I’ll still be here with the rest of the little guys that survive. This is an industry trend that reminds me of the family farm and the fall of the farm belt to big agriculture. Progress I guess.

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