Keypad Follies

April 7, 2005 · Print This Article

Bob Kille Acuspect Home Inspection Has one of your realtors asked you to pony up and get a keypad so that you can let yourself in while they stay in bed?

This is really not a good idea, unless and I mean unless, all the other home inspectors in your market area are doing this. The state requires that either the buyer or the buyer’s agent sign the contract. If no one shows to the inspection how do you get the contract signed? You could jump through hoops getting fax numbers to your customer (if they even have one) and then bug them to send it back before the inspection the next morning.

I do know a few home inspectors who have their wives or staff do this, not mine of course. This keypad responsibility just adds a whole new layer of complexity to your already hectic day. And for what? So a realtor doesn’t have to show up and do their job of reporting the conditions accurately as possible.

Ideally its best that someone see the conditions that are contained in your report so you don’t have to come home to phone calls to explain everything to the realtor and then to your customer as well.

What happens when you forget to update that pad every morning? What if the update didn’t work? That’s right you can’t do the home inspection and your screwed! At least once a month a realtor shows up and their keypad doesn’t work. They have to go back to the office where the special cradle is and reset it. Lucky for us we can start on the outside while there gone.

Keep it simple stupid, comes to mind.

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One Response to “Keypad Follies”

  1. Taylor Durrant on November 16th, 2005 1:52 AM

    Bob I love your way of thinking. I have enjoyed all of your input and learn a tremendous amount from your experience. Thank you for being honest, even about your mistakes. I respect you greatly for that.