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Home Inspection Central was created to bring together a community of inspectors who wish to share and interact with each other.

By setting acuspect.com as your homepage, you will have a wide-array of home inspection resources literally at your fingertips including:

  • Industry news
  • Articles
  • Useful publications
  • Resources/Links
    Weblogs (BLOGs) and Forums that relate directly to home inspections and construction

These resources will help you stay informed about industry happenings and will assist with the day to day struggles and challenges encountered in your home inspection business.

Home Inspection Marketing & Business Strategies Inspector Success

Home inspection marketing systems that build relationships are just one key to booking yourself solid. Using proven home inspection business strategies and a step by step implementation of a plan will make all the difference.


Acu’Spect home Inspections

  • Accurate and detailed narrative inspection reports
  • Personal, cheerful service 24/7, Phones are answered by staff
  • Rapid response to inspection scheduling requests
  • Seamless integration of operations, systems and processes
  • Accurate, detailed information with digital photos upon request
  • Reliable delivery of online reports and archiving of past inspections
3-D formset libraries by Acu'spect 3-D formset libraries by Acu’spectNow you can go out and complete your inspections quicker and with greater confidence in your report. You will pay less than a dollar per hour to produce on-site reports that have a professional look and feel to them while reducing your liability. Let Acu’spect do the work for you!

Home Inspector Central was launched by Bob Kille, the founder and owner of Acu’Spect Home Inspections. As a certified home inspector with 17 years of experience in the construction industry and memberships in various home inspection associations, Bob recognizes the importance of easy accessibility to home inspection resources and networking opportunities for home inspectors. Even more importantly, for those that know the value of writing articles, is the ability to get published in a site dedicated to home inspection.

Bob personally invites you to join the online community of home inspectors and to make Home Inspector Central your homepage to take advantage of the many benefits of staying informed, well connected and published.