Construction Inspections

Phase Inspections or New Construction inspections as they are sometimes called are becoming more popular due to the fact that more people now know that they are available. This type of inspection insures that the building is being built to the local codes. On average, I find 16 code violations after the county code official has inspected and declared the building ready to be covered. There are many reasons for this including but not limited to: insufficient time, training, and lack of ultimate responsibility to name a few.

To see a sample report detailing a Pre-Drywall inspection click here….  Sample Report  The report may take a minute to download, it is quite large as there are many photo’s included in the report.

I generally teach two seminars a year to other inspectors wishing to add this service to their service offerings. You can take a look at my text book fro the class, “The Inspectors Manual – Phase Inspections” at  You might even be able to keep tabs on the building process and quality of the framing if you read it carefully.