Sword Play

April 20, 2005

Bob Kille Acuspect Home Inspection Some advice from the home inspection trenches or should I say podium. Never step up to the podium without an outline or sufficient practice time for your intended message. I thought I knew what I was going to say and I thought I had a good speech ready but I wasn’t prepared for the coffee blurts.

Three cups of coffee waiting for my time in the spotlight was all it took to vaporize my train of thought and heighten my nerves. A five-minute talk came out in two minutes at a pace that took me by surprise.

Not having an outline for reference was a big mistake when confronted with a combination of brain freeze and the need to keep talking. A few key elements of my talk were passed over making what came out of my mouth sound a bit like a run on sentence that’s not sure where its going.

I’m sure most of the realtors were impressed with my lung capacity but not my message. A speech is like a two edge sword; it can cut you a path or just cut you. No doubt about it, I was bleeding profusely.

Write your outline even if you don’t think you need it and for heavens sake stay away from the coffee before a presentation, unless of course, you enjoy bleeding like a stuck pig in public.

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